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Docking Training

Docking Tips from Captain Chris

So you’ve had a spectacular day on the water and now it’s time for docking. Maybe you will be docking back at your home port or perhaps your adventure takes you further down the waterway into brand new territory. Once you select your marina you will discover if you should prepare for floating or fixed docks. Do you have the sweats yet? Memories of past dockings come flooding to mind?

Ask Captain Chris about Docking and you will build your docking confidence. This FREE five-part series will have you thinking differently about how you end your boating day.

  • After you pick up a few good tricks and tips you will be Docking Like A Pro.
  • Learn how to Use Wind and Current When Docking.
  • Understand how Docking with Fenderboards will protect your boat in many fixed dock marinas.
  • You can easily dock without your mate leaving the boat in Perfect Docking…No Jumping Please.
  • Tie it all together when you review Docking Tips with Captain Chris.

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